Easy blog hosting via Github with a custom domain

Easy blog hosting via Github with a custom domain

Configuring a new Hashnode blog site

Thank you for your visit. I'm glad to welcome you to my new blog site - the Lambda Spot! It's a place to muse on all things regarding Software Engineering. Free articles and tutorials on Functional Programming, Scala, JVM, AWS, and ESP32 IoT.

Setting up a new site with Hashnode was pretty quick. Going through the wizard, I set a basic configuration, mapped a custom domain, and connected a repository to publish articles from GitHub. It took a few minutes!

It's an alternative to static site generators like Jekyll, Astro, or Hugo, directly configured with the git repository and hosted via, e.g. Github Pages. Instead, the Hashnode takes the hosting for you. Moreover, you don't have to maintain templates, think of a responsive design, study SEO topics, or worry about the SSL. Just focus on content, write articles in Markdown, and that's it.

Now, it's time for customization and the first articles.